Blue Belt & Up (Lethbridge) Ages 7+

Senior belts class is designed for green belts and higher. This class is designed for those students who want to train hard and push to the next level

Women's Cardio Kicks (Taber) Ages 14+

Cardio Kicks is a unique Woman's cardio martial arts program. This program is designed to give you a great workout while learning fundamentals of Martial Arts. We will have you sweating in no time.  Each class is filled with a high energy workout that is exciting and motivating.  We incorporate new training methods while working out to a beat.  Join with a friend, your mom, or co-worker you will have a blast together!

Don't wait to start feeling healthier and more energized.

Little Dragons (Taber Ages 5&6 & Lethbridge Age 4, Ages 5 & 6)

Your child will have a blast as our program has been specially designed to introduce your child into martial arts. Our goal is for every child to have fun in our class.  We work on balance and coordination through play. Little dragons is a great stepping stone for your child into the martial arts world. Little dragons is also an excellent sport and art that builds self confidence and teaches respect and discipline in a group environment.

We have classes for all ages, click on the more information button to find out about location, class times and days.

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Classes Offered at Merritts Ultimate Taekwon-Do!

Merritts Ultimate Taekwon-Do Ltd.

Family Kicks (Taber & Lethbridge) Ages 7+

Our program is designed for all ages (7+).Family kicks is a great way for children and adults to help deal with the stressful aspects of life whether that is at school or work. We offer a traditional martial art that is designed for everyone. We believe that each student should receive individualized instruction based on his or her personal strengths and abilities. We strive for the best and we expect the most out of our students.

After School Taekwon-Do (Taber) Ages 7-17

"What are you doing after school?" "I'm getting my black belt!!!"
Our after school program is designed for kids to be productive after school. Instead of going home and watching tv or play video games we encourage kids to get their black belts.  Our program is great because your child will have a blast in class, and then be done for the rest of the evening.