Merritts Ultimate Taekwon-Do Ltd.

Indomitable Spirit Competition Fundraising Society

Our mission and objectives,

Indomitable Spirit Competition Fundraising Society was organized and formed in 2016 to support the enhancement and development of athletes, instructors, and coaches to compete on a provincial, western, national and international level in Taekwon-Do.

Our five founding members and board of directors,

President: Jenny Holowiski

Vice President: Mark Planger

Treasurer: Gail Merritt

Secretary/Bookkeeper: Brandi Merritt-Miyanaga

Voting Member: Noreen Klok

Throughout the year the society will have fundraising oportunities for athletes and instructors.   The society will have group fundraisers as well as individual. So far the Society has Scheduled  the Alberta 2016 Taekwon-Do Cup!