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Why Do I want to Train at an ITF School?

Highlighted below are some benefits that a membership with an ITF School are!  Anyone who becomes a member of an ITF / CTFI school has access to:

 Instruction in the Original Art of Taekwon-Do created by General Choi Hong Hi, by a certified International Instructor of the ITF.

    The opportunity to be ranked at Gup (white and black stripe ranking) tests. When you test you will receive a certificate that is recognized around the World by all ITF schools!

    The opportunity to be ranked at Dan (black belt ranking) tests.  Furthermore, at CTFI Dan tests, each candidate is carefully judged and graded by senior members of the organization, according to the standards handed down through General Choi Hong Hi. You receive a black belt certificate and black belt ID card that is recognized around the World by all ITF schools

    If you move and want to train in another town or country your rank is recognized by all ITF schools!!

    Standards for testing periods between ranks is set and adhered to by all ITF schools

    Membership with the International Taekwon-Do Federation 

    Semi-annual and annual Technical, Rreferee and Umpire trainings

    Local, Provincial, National and International Tournaments

    The opportunity to attend CTFI-sponsored activities such as Special Trainings and special practices led by senior black belts

    Continuing guidance – via personal training, email and web site communication – on interpreting, applying and integrating the instructional material in the condensed encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do (5th edition, 1999) by General Choi Hong Hi.

    Access to the CTFI and ITF website for news on current activities in Canada and international affiliates, schedule of events, monthly training calendar, and articles and resources related to Taekwon-Do

Most importantly, CTFI membership puts the practitioner in line with the direct lineage handed down by General Choi Hong Hi.  Because of his life-long dedication and personal investment in so many of the black belts, other martial arts organizations find it difficult to compare with the CTFI’s rich heritage, depth, consistency, and its commitment to pass the martial art of Taekwon-Do, unchanged, to future generations.